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mixed media & metal sculptures by Swedish sculptor Johan P. Jonsson | to buy sculptures online from this artist's gallery; for inquiries; to buy art from the artist, send me an email: contact@byjohan.se

Buy sculpture online: Fam.6, 40x56x10 cm Metal & mixed media sculpture: Doing Horse (17x46x40 cm) 
(wooden blocks, oil barrel, nails, sheet-iron, welding sculpture filler) Purchase mixed media metal sculptures: Tandem III, 20x78x8 cm Buy mixed media and metal sculptures: Fam.Reunion (25x157x15 cm) New modern sculpture: The Machine, 24x28x17 cm Contemporary sculpture online: Girl II (27x50x22 cm) Buy sculpture: Freight Car II, 27x84x33 cm Sculpture: Chain (21x52x8 cm) Well-known sculpture: Girl III, 22x60x8 cm New sculpture for sale: 3x Whisper 23x11x5 cm Buy famous, renowned, celebrity metal sculpture: Single Combat 22x17x15 cm Sculpture for sale: Two II, 30x19x5 cm